Roadblocks and Obstacles

ball playerI wouldn’t call it writer’s block, because I’m already half way done with “Running Into Your Arms”.  What I’m currently struggling with is a severe bout of indecision and I’m hoping that a few of you can help.

You see, as I’m writing Adam & Emmy’s story, which is fully developed in my mind, a parallel storyline is taking place.  There’s a new man in town who’s turning heads and making waves.  But he’s only got one thing on his mind ~ making it in the majors.

Here’s where you come in.  I cannot decide on the name of the fictional New Jersey MLB team and I would love to hear what you think.  Here are my thoughts, along with the pros and cons I’m debating over.

New Jersey Generals

  • Pros:  The Generals would work well in partnership with it’s NFL counterpart, the Sentinels.
  • Cons:  In the 80’s, there was once a football team called the NJ Generals that played USFL which no longer exists. (On the plus side, I’m not sure how many people actually know that!)

New Jersey Rebels

  • Pros:  Let’s face it, NJ has it’s fair share of mobsters, corruption, and big personalities.
  • Cons:  Continuing NJ’s negative reputation is not on the top of my “to-do” list

New Jersey Renegades

  • Pros:  The Renegades is a softer, gentler form of Rebel that works well beside the Sentinels
  • Cons:  See “Rebels”

New Jersey Grenadiers

  • Pros: Yet another military-sounding term
  • Cons:  Not widely known term, more closely related to the UK

New Jersey Red Hawks

  • Pros:  Hawks are native to NJ and some species are currently on the Endangered list; it’s a carnivorous bird of prey.
  • Cons:  The MLB has the Cincinnati Reds & the Boston Red Sox, and the NHL has the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings.

New Jersey Highlanders

  • Pros:  There is a region of NJ known as the Highlands
  • Cons:  It’s also the name of a Starz series set in Scotland.

New Jersey Garnet Gulls

  • Pros:  This is the name of Point Pleasant Beach’s high school athletic team, it’s an homage to the small town that the “gang” calls home.
  • Cons:  Do Gulls make their opponents quiver?  Is it the name of a winning team?

If you have a thought on the subject, I would love to hear from you.  And if you have another suggestion I haven’t thought of, please share.  Be brutally honest and tell me what immediately comes to mind.  I can’t wait to read your impressions.



Book Cover Release Announced



Even though Evan & Juliette’s story has come to an end, that doesn’t mean we have to say good bye to the entire gang.  “Running Into Your Arms” is a novella that continues the journey of Adam and Emmy’s love.  As the cover suggests, some of life’s smallest decisions can alter the course of your destiny.  You won’t have to wait long to hear more about Emmy and Adam.  This novella is due to be released by Valentine’s Day.

It’s Release Day!


It is with much pride and joy that I announce the news that I have just released Book 3, “Running Away With You” to all major online booksellers.  Sometime within the next few hours, it will be available to purchase.  I hope and pray that you enjoy the third and final installment of Evan and Juliette’s storybook romance.  I can’t wait to hear from you, my faithful readers.  Happy reading!

The Wait is Nearly OVER!

Cal Clock

Dear Readers,

Let me start this post with a deep, heart-felt apology for my absence.  So many of you have written, asking about the release date of Running Away With You, the third installment in the Running Series.  My answers have been vague and elusive.  This is because as an Indie Author, I get to set my own deadlines.  This allows me the opportunity to work until it’s right, not just until the clock runs out.

Like so many of you, I wear many hats:  wife, mother, daughter, author, and educator.  The last three months have kept me busy preparing for a new school year and getting to know the twenty-two ten-year-olds that sit before me one hundred and eighty-two days a year.  This is a responsibility I take very seriously and have given it my primary focus.

But in between correcting papers, making lesson plans, and gathering materials, I have finished RAWY, sent it to the most dedicated group of beta readers anyone could wish for, made final changes, and sent it off to my editor.  Rebecca, my new editor, promises to have the manuscript back to me by the end of the week.  And that means that in less than ten days, I will be releasing the book for sale, beginning with Amazon.

As soon as I get the manuscript back, I give you my word that I will work day and night to prepare the book for immediate release.  Thank you for all your questions and inquiries and I deeply hope that you enjoy the conclusion of Evan and Juliette’s trilogy.

Your Faithful Friend,

Suzanne :0)

RAWY Chapter Excerpts


I’m very excited to be able to tell you, my faithful readers, that each day, I am one step closer to releasing he third and final installment of the Running Series, “Running Away With You”.  Many of you know that I had hoped to release the book much sooner, but it’s more important to me to do it well than to do it quickly.  I hope you will agree.

Each day, I will be releasing a short excerpt from the third book on Facebook.  I can’t wait to hear what you think.  Thank you for all your letters of support and inquiry.  I promise to announce the release the moment it goes live.


Book 3 ~ Running Away With You


July is just around the corner, and that means the clock is quickly ticking down towards the release of Book 3, Running Away With You.  I have had some difficult decisions to make, and I’ve decided to delay the release for now so that I can make some needed improvements.  This is, after all, the final installment in the Running Series and it’s very important to me to get everything just right.  I had chosen the July release date based upon my experience writing books one and two.  Each book took about four months to write and a month to publish.  I used that criteria when determining the release date of the third installment.  However, real life doesn’t work that way – it rarely does.  So rather than push out a book that’s not ready for publication, I’ve decided to slow down, step back, and listen to the voices in my head.  You see, my characters speak to me and if I slow down and truly listen, I can hear them.  They are as real to me as you, my readers, whom I’ve never actually met.  It’s important that I get it right for them, as well as for you.  So with that goal in mind, I am reviewing, revising, and editing – three things I tell my students to do all the time.  And when I’m done, I promise that I will have something I can be proud of, not just something that I pushed out to meet an arbitrary deadline.  Thank you for your understanding and support.

Giveaway Winner Revealed


Congratulations to Julie L., who entered through Crazy Four Books.  She will be receiving a $25 Visa Gift Card.  And thank you to all the readers and followers who participated in my first book blog tour!



Raffle Winner

The Running Series Blog Tour


I’ve long wanted to do a Book  Blog Tour and I’m thrilled to announce the start of a month-long tour.  Visit one of the blogs each day and take a chance to win a $25 Visa Gift Card.  It’s my way of thanking my readers and showing my appreciation.  A special thank you to Goddess Fish Promotions for putting this amazing tour together.

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

When I look out my window, it still looks like winter.  In honor of the first day of May, here’s some information about the flowers that will be in full bloom soon.


Time to finally meet Juliette’s Ex-Boyfriend


Book Three, Running Away With You, will give everyone the chance to finally meet David Jorgenson, Juliette’s ex-boyfriend.  Here’s what we know about David so far:

“My ex-boyfriend David was a complete jerk and an imposter.  He pretended to care, but it was all an act.  David was a pretty package, but nothing more than an empty box.  I was immediately attracted to his good looks and forgot to look deeper for the qualities that matter the most.  It turns out I wasted a year and a half with someone who didn’t deserve my time.  I need a break from men.  That’s one of the reasons why I moved back to Jersey after graduation.  I could have easily started a life for myself in Colorado, but I had to put as many miles between that SOB and myself as I could.” ~Running Back to You

“My last boyfriend David didn’t really get along with my friends.  He preferred it when we hung out with his friends or with no one at all.  Now, when I look back, I can see that he was isolating me and causing me to become dependent on him.  My friends were getting frustrated with me and started calling less and less.  That’s why when he was unfaithful to me, the pain was nearly unbearable.”  ~Running Back to You

“My last year in college, I came dangerously close to living a life I swore I would never allow.  David was someone I thought I could build a life with.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  It happened slowly, so slowly that I didn’t even notice at the time, but I can see now how many similarities there are between David and my father.  To the outside world, David was fun-loving and an all-around nice guy, just like my father.  But behind closed doors, he became pensive, dark, and brooding.  My moods started changing based on David’s moods.  I stopped making decisions and instead let his frame of mind dictate our activities.” ~Running Back to You

“I’m reminded of my last boyfriend, David.  He thought the universe revolved around him and would often forget about plans and promises.  He’s so far back in my rear-view mirror, I’m always surprised when memories of him and our nearly two-year crappy relationship creep back up into my mind.” ~Running Home to You

“She supported me throughout my two-year relationship with the jerk, David.  When I finally opened my eyes and realized what a manipulative ass he was, she never once said, “I told you so.”  She just helped me pick up the pieces and move on.” ~ Running Home to You

All we really know is that David was a first-class jerk.  In Running Away With You, Juliette’s past comes back to haunt the couple in ways that even Juliette could not have imagined.  What do you do when someone you once loved turns into your worst nightmare?