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Dear Readers,

Let me start this post with a deep, heart-felt apology for my absence.  So many of you have written, asking about the release date of Running Away With You, the third installment in the Running Series.  My answers have been vague and elusive.  This is because as an Indie Author, I get to set my own deadlines.  This allows me the opportunity to work until it’s right, not just until the clock runs out.

Like so many of you, I wear many hats:  wife, mother, daughter, author, and educator.  The last three months have kept me busy preparing for a new school year and getting to know the twenty-two ten-year-olds that sit before me one hundred and eighty-two days a year.  This is a responsibility I take very seriously and have given it my primary focus.

But in between correcting papers, making lesson plans, and gathering materials, I have finished RAWY, sent it to the most dedicated group of beta readers anyone could wish for, made final changes, and sent it off to my editor.  Rebecca, my new editor, promises to have the manuscript back to me by the end of the week.  And that means that in less than ten days, I will be releasing the book for sale, beginning with Amazon.

As soon as I get the manuscript back, I give you my word that I will work day and night to prepare the book for immediate release.  Thank you for all your questions and inquiries and I deeply hope that you enjoy the conclusion of Evan and Juliette’s trilogy.

Your Faithful Friend,

Suzanne :0)


About Suzanne Sweeney

Suzanne Sweeney spends her days sharing her love of reading and writing with youngsters, teaching them the tricks of the trade. Finally, now that her children are grown, she has found the time to take her own advice and put pen to paper, recently releasing her debut novel, "Running Back you You". Always looking for a new challenge, Suzanne now joins the ranks of other Indie Authors searching to find their voice and audience. The "Running Series" is set in her hometown, a small seaside community recently devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Most of the places described in her books are real places and readers are encouraged to visit and patronize all the local businesses. We are all Jersey Strong!

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  1. I cannot wait to read the final chapter in this amazing series. I have been along on this ride since the very beginning and cannot wait to see how it all ends.

  2. I am so glad you are alright. If you are as good a teacher as you are an author, then your students are very lucky. I am very excited to read the final book. I will be looking forward to anything else you may write. You are Great!!!!

  3. How exciting I can’t wait to read it?

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